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Garagistas- used by Enzo Ferrari in the early days of Formula One racing, describing the privateer race teams, primarily the British ones.



Motorsports are difficult to follow in the US. For people who love all types of motorsports where would you go to catch up? We get together and broadcast to you current events mainly surrounding Formula 1, Indycar, Formula E, and NASCAR, but we do not restrict our talks to only these subjects. If it races or competes we will speak on it.


We will attempt to bring fans to the track and the motorsports community together by building relationships in and out of motorsports. While interviewing people in the motorsports community, anywhere in the country, we hope to help bring sponsors to racers, racers to sponsors, vehicles to shops, and spark friendships all around.



Whether you’re a small time racer or a large manufacturing company, everyone deserves a voice. If you have something to add, then we will provide the platform. This doesn’t come without cost, so we ask that if you'd like to run an ad or support the show in any other way, please contact us via the contact email link.

Two brothers attempting to do our part to revitalize the motorsports community. Especially in America, motorsports has seemed to be on a decline. Younger generations are falling out of love with the sport.

Through our podcast we hope to attack this problem from multiple angles. We will perform motorsports talks, interviews of local and famous members of the motorsports community, produce videos, and sell merchandise. We also use Patreon to connect the community as well. Please review our support page for more information.

We hope to give back to the community in ways people have never seen. Giveaways, coupons, and track time for our patrons are all goals of this podcast.



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If you have any questions about merchandise, sponsorship, discounts, giveaways, or if you'd like to be a guest on the show, please reach out to us.

Tel: 1-954-282-9596