Can Hamilton Pull One Out In Singapore?

I do believe that the last time Sir Lewis Hamilton was held winless in all racing during a calendar year was way back in 2001, and he only raced 4 races that year. This is one of the hardest things for me to come to grips with in F1. This is one of the best drivers to ever do it according to almost every F1 fan you speak to. What I am about to say goes to all "GOATS" across all sports. I don't think there can ever be the greatest of all time for this exact reason.

Lewis Hamilton

This is why we have champions. Things change. Fangio, Clark, Senna, Schumacher, Vettel, and Hamilton were all praised as the greatest in their own time, but when you take a step back you see that there are many factors that lead to that title. Training, equipment, and current physiological developments are all things that are not taken into account. Let alone money! If you don't have a car then you don't win. If you don't get in the right seat at the right time, you don't win. if you don't pay to race then you don't win.

Juan Manuel Fangio

I for one hated to see Schumacher slowly fall off the top and drive the middle of the pack like Hamilton is doing now. I really did think Vettel would bring a trophy to Ferrari. Still amazing in my opinion that he didn't. I think it would be a shame for Hamilton to be held winless this year, or any year until he retires. Vettel in the back of the pack just doesn't feel right, does it? Be truthful. We love to see good guy Vettel off the track cleaning up after fans and we also will miss seeing him drift over into his teammates and competitors on the track, but when is the right time for an ex-champion to let go? This isn't the NFL where Tom Brady can jump to another team and take it to the trophy. We know F1 doesn't work that way. And why not feel this way about Alonso? I think it is because Alonso has 2 and at the time he was not as dominant as Vettel or Hamilton. Alonso is also the Maverick of F1. No matter how old he gets, he is still dangerous.

Michael Schumacher

Back to Hamilton, I would say I think he has a great chance for the upset here. I did just say upset, wow. Verstappen and Redbull seem to have not had enough fuel for the checks and placed poorly in quali. Ferrari is on the pole, however, at this point, I don't think anyone fears Ferrari. They have a hard enough time staying out of their own way. If Hamilton can get out early or even just stay close enough to Leclerc, there is a chance Ferrari will gift Mercedes a win. Would be even more salt in the wound of George after his pour quali, but hey, Hamilton put in that work. Let's see if Lewis can pull out another amazing win.

Lewis Hamilton