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He's Ready - The Next Champion

Charles Leclerc has won every title he has competed for… until F1. He is now in a very competitive car with a team that seems to be making great decisions. I know I know, I was just as shocked at that. Even though his car mimics a porpoise on the straights, it settles very well in the corners allowing Charles and Carlos to throw their cars deep. A style befitting the likes of my dude Riccardo (We will talk about him in another post). With a solid start to the year and a substantial lead in the standings, Leclerc’s inexperience and possible overeagerness has gotten the better of him a few times this season. We all hope that this isn't going to be a reoccurring thing. I personally do not think this will continue, and we will start to see a change in Charles after his spin at Imola. He pushed a bit to hard, got in deep, and put the car in a place that it shouldn't have been.

Charles Leclerc

I believe we will start to see him take those chances only in qualy and turn 1, and the ends of his races will be championship managing. Sometimes you have to take advantage of that turn 1 racing incident *shrug*. This is where the race is made or broken, not in the final laps trying to salvage something that isn't there. Take it from Scott Dixon and manage. Manage the race, the championship, and manage your composure. I love the fact that Leclerc takes responsibility for his mistakes, but let's just not have the moment in the first place.

Perez & Verstappen

JUST STAY CALM! Redbull seemed a lot closer to Ferrari’s pace with their 1-2 finish last weekend, however, this is without Ferrari’s upgrade. Ferrari was due an upgrade in Imola and due to the sprint races and lack of test time, they will be bringing them in the next race. This should allow the C+C racing factory to move back up to the front and be comfortable at that. I would love to see Charles, and Carlos for that matter, win a championship in their tenure in F1. I hope Charles can continue on this trajectory and finish on top. With Carlos signing an extension recently and Charles' lengthy contract, Ferrari has only one thing to concentrate on and that is the car. The strategy will come together and Ferrari will taste the top spot once again. Let's see if the team that I praised at the beginning of the season as the best on the grid can hold up to that statement, because at this point, Verstappen and Perez are giving them a run for their money. See you in the Garagistas backyard. ON TO MIAMI!

Leclerc & Sainz

P.S. Man did Russell get shafted!

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