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How Could This Happen?!

With a fantastic Lando Norris scoring 160 points and a slightly disappointing Daniel Ricciardo taking home 115 points, Mclaren took home 4th in the standings last year. Who would have thought that they would go from 4th place and scoring a 1-2 finish, would result in this years shocking regression? I certainly did not.

I would say I was very excited for this year for Mclaren. Myself a Ricciardo fan, I was hoping this new car would sky rocket they papaya pistol to the podium more often than not. And yes, we can make excuses all day blaming Mercedes and their slow engine. I would personally get mad at receiving an engine designed to work with those fake side pods. I also think that Fernando Alonso's "word" went way to far at Mclaren, resulting in a car design that is still causing trouble, but I digress.

Let's face it. Mclaren look terrible. It is going to be impossible for them to get back to winning championships with this highly inconsistent car design. At this point, no matter how much effect Alonso had on the team, they should have this figured out. This previous race in Austrailia was the team's best finish. At 5th and 6th it was refreshing to see them in the top ten.

The down side of this most recent race is that this may be the most improvement we see from them for a while. They have made a few small upgrades, but nothing major so far this season. There is no chatter about new parts coming down the pipe for the team either. So for the near future, if the car doesn't like the track then it is going to be a long season for this team.

After saying all that, Mclaren sits 4th at the moment in the championship. It goes without saying that this is due to the other embarassing teams like Alpine, Alpha Tauri, and Austin Martin being so bad it's near shocking, but that is for another blog. With Norris 8th and Ricciardo 11th, this team has a long way to go before they get back to their winning ways of the past. My word, I hope they figure it out. What do you think?

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