It Singa-poured A Lot

Red Bull In The Singapore Rain

I guess we should have known this race was not going to be the normal run-of-the-mill race. Rain during quali shook things up, so why would a wet race be any different? Firstly, I would like to say that the great Michael Masi wouldn't have delayed that start for a WHOLE hour. C'mon with that garbage right there. If we have wet tires then why do we never race in the wet? If it is too dangerous then a rule change should be coming down the pipe no?

This was the most boring interesting race ever. It started as a snooze-fest. The saving of fuel and tires is out of hand at the beginning of these races. I'd like to see a team just go ham in the beginning and see what happens. Maybe Gasly in that Alpha Tauri. As everyone was coming to the end of their first stint and the track started to dry, things got out of hand. Absolute chaos ensued.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton was overruled by the team and was seemingly forced to take the inters. If he takes the wets, makes some passes early, and gets lucky with a yellow to inters, then Lewis is possibly on the podium today. I know that is a lot of ifs but they seem to fit. It is Singapore in the wet. A track that historically and statistically will produce carnage. Although he was ignored, he did run a fairly decent race. The main issue is that he was stuck behind a Ferrari and the rolling roadblock himself, Carlos Sainz. Let's see if that win comes in Japan, however, barring some freak incident, it does seem like this was the race for Lewis to get that W.

Another pole won and another race lost. I will first express my disappointment with Leclerc and Ferrari for not taking this win. That being said, this was another weekend, which is only two by my count, in which the car was indeed not fast enough. You can almost hear Binotto saying it can't ya. They had no answer for the tire whisperer, Sergio Perez. I believe the double podium was about as good as this could have been for Ferrari. It's tough to see a season that started out so promising be turned upside down.

Sergio Wins In Singapore

Congrats to Sergio and thank you to him for extending this season a bit more. We know what the outcome will be, but we love fighting for every point. Max knows he simply has to stay calm and race his race. There is simply no way any car should touch the Red Bull in Japan. He is on cruise control and not to be rattled. The sister team had a not-so-great weekend. Yuki in the wall and their sneak attack driver Gasly could only manage 10th.

Fernando Hits 350 Races

Fernando Alonso on his 350th start didn't finish the race and neither did his teammate. That sucks. Those lovely French engines are beautiful when they puff that white smoke. Looking like a fog machine strapped to the back of it. Losing valuable points at the end of a season is never good. You know where we are going next right?

Danny Ricciardo

Danny Ric baby. Solid race showing he is still very capable in an F1 car. The man is still very dangerous and it would be an injustice if the man is not racing in F1 next year. Another thorn in my side. 20 best drivers in the world my ass. 20 best with the bankroll who hit the lottery maybe. I just want you to sit back and think about how many people in the world there are. You are telling me there isn't some kid that got passed over who was more talented? No way! McLaren does come home with a 4th and 5th. Great points for the team on a day in which their rival had a double DNF. McLaren sits just 4 points ahead going into the next round. Here is a brutal thought, this is the best rivalry in F1 at this time.

We are coming down to the end here. Last 5 races of the 2022 season. Let's hope the stewards make decisions during the race instead of this post-race nonsense. Is the team not big enough to decide a penalty and have another group watch the race? The delayed calls need to g. Make a call and stand by it. Don't be scared that Wolff got Masi fired. You're honestly damned if you do and damned if you don't in F1. The masses will always complain.