Kevin Harvick Was The Victim Of The "Random Search"

NASCAR would have made the TSA proud with their completely random search of Kevin Harvick's No. 4 Ford. Just after the race at Talladega NASCAR officials seized Harvick's car for inspection. The car started 24th and finished 29th, and yes it ran up at the front for a bit, but you would normally see the cars blitzing the field being inspected post-race. A few moments before the announcement Harvick posted "seems strange" on his Twitter page.

Kevin Harvick

For "modification of a single source supplied part" NASCAR has imposed a fine. Both Harvick and Stewart-Haas Racing have been docked 100 points each, they fined crew chief Rodney Childers $100,000 and suspended Childers for the next four races. I saw that Childers then turned down an invite on Twitter for a popular podcast. He stated something along the lines of it not being the right time, accompanied by the implied feeling of a wink along with the post. He's still a bit fired up from all of this I would suspect but they knew this was coming. I haven't done enough research to know if these penalties are egregious or not for the rule broken.

Harvick & Childers

Now, normally, we probably wouldn't raise an eyebrow at this, however, over the past few days, Kevin Harvick has been one of the most vocal on Twitter and other news outlets against NASCAR's most recent rulings. He also has outright blamed the car design for some of the recent injuries we have seen in NASCAR and has urged the organization to make them better. Concussions are up and seem to be caused by even the most minor wrecks; as if you can call a race car wreck minor. In a few scenarios, I have to agree with Harvick. The man is a long-time veteran and knows the sport inside and out. His posts on Twitter recently, although not well thought out, seem to be no-brainers. These included some things like while cars are racing there should be only one entrance open to, and from the track, better replayability while racing, using a delayed judgment penalty almost something like the FIA and F1, as well as adhering to the rulebook, and clarifying when we are allowed to wreck someone under yellow and when we're not. Now I do not agree with following the FIA in anything let alone the penalty ruling, however, I do agree that NASCAR needs either more cameras or more officials to review these incidents. To state that you missed the incident in the pit lane that could have caused a pit crew member their life is absolutely and utterly amazing to me. There is no excuse for that and Harvick, as a team member of these teams, has a right to speak up about it.

We can all agree that rules should always be updated, better defined, and better enforced. We all assume that this should be an easy fix, but none of us seem to realize that we all disagree on what that fix should be. Regardless of those issues, there should be no reason a driver is inspected simply because of their outspoken word. In an attempt to improve the sport it seems the organization has taken a dislike to the remarks and lashed out.

Now on the other hand. If this is a random inspection and this is truly a warranted search then we will never know and I doubt the fan base would even care. The fans will never see this as normal, and the conspiracy theory is easier to believe than a random search. I believe this is the old guard setting teams on notice with a veteran driver. NASCAR has said that this has nothing to do with one another however, that is very hard to believe, knowing that they have also done this in the past. Most of these large organizations have wording in their contracts that states you are not able to publicly deface the organization. The problem with that is, what happens when your organization doesn't want to listen? We don't know what is going on behind closed doors. Has Harvick brought these issues up in the correct ways in the past? I doubt a veteran like himself would just start throwing rocks at an organization that has provided him with a lifestyle most fans can only dream of.

Current Generation Of NASCAR

The only thing that matters to me is the betterment of the sport. If you want to throw fines then do it, but please make the necessary changes that are being asked for by the drivers. The points or fines do not affect me, as I have not pitched my life on a win. I do not share a bank account with the man either, so ultimately it doesn't bother me. I do indeed think they were wronged to be subject to retaliation, and it is disheartening that this still occurs in 2022. As far as the breaking of the rules on behalf of the team, that is on you fam. Don't break the rules. You would have had more of a platform to stand on while driving in last place in a slow car rather than breaking the rules and looking guilty for something as well. I really did think that sports had graduated past this. But just like anonymous tips in college football about booster clubs, I guess we will always see pride and ego as well as cheating.

Do you think NASCAR will make any changes that have been put forth by fans and drivers about these last few events? Feel free to answer below.